Save Nerd Mind!

*Cue sad Sarah McLaughlin music*

My domain hosting company just sent me a reminder that my yearly hosting fee and domain subscription are due, and it caused a minor crisis of faith. I haven’t had time to write a new Nerd Mind article in months, and it’s not getting any quieter in the horizon. So now I have to ask myself, is it worth it to keep Nerd Mind online?

This is where you come in. If I’m going to keep the lights on here, this website has to be a little more self-sustaining. If I can raise the funds to pay for all of the fees associated with hosting this thing, I’ll keep it going. Otherwise, I’m going to put the old girl down.

The amount just covers the cost of hosting, and that’s all I’m promising. I’ve got 1 or 2 more articles in my buffer, and after that I don’t see a whole lot more updates in the future. I won’t deny the possibility that I’ll get some time to write out more of the outlandish ideas that I have rattling around in my head, but there won’t be any more regular updates. Still, I flatter myself to think that people have liked what I’ve written, or maybe even benefited from it. So if you got some value out of having this website here, maybe toss a couple of bucks at the fund and let’s see if you can’t save nerd mind for future generations of sad and anxious nerds.

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