Mental Health Resources

If you are having thoughts of harming yourself, please contact 9-1-1, your local emergency number, or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

  • Call: 1-800-273-8255
  • Chat:

If you are looking for mental health treatment near you, you can use the treatment locator:

Or you can call the SAMHSA Treatment Hotline: 1‑877‑SAMHSA7

If you are looking for resources for your organization to help protect your workforce’s mental health, visit the Vicarious Trauma Toolkit:

Statistics Resources

All statistical analyses presented on this website are completed using the R statistical software environment and R Studio IDE. To learn R, I used the following embarrassingly remedial online courses:

Interactive visualizations are sloppily put together using or D3.js. I have no idea how to use these tools, so credit really has to go to R-bloggers and Stack Overflow.

Data gathering is generally completed using Qualtrics. Sometimes Google Forms. I especially appreciate the Open Psychometrics Project for being a thing that exists, creating a platform and sharing data.

And I know this isn’t strictly speaking about statistics but I’m not making a whole subcategory for citation management, which I do using Zotero.

Similar Websites

Prompt is an organization that promotes discussion of mental health issues affecting individuals in the technology industry, particularly by sending mental health advocates to tech conferences and meetups.

Open Source Mental Illness is an 0rganization devoted to raising awareness and providing resources about mental health and mental illness to individuals and organizations in the tech industry. They also conduct the yearly Mental Health in Tech survey.

Nerd Fitness has articles and provides services for nerds to improve their overall health through exercise and diet. They also occasionally delve into discussions of mental health.