Coronavirus Prevention Worksheet

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in my area, I’ve been pulling together the resources I’m familiar with from smoking cessation and general disease prevention to focus on getting folks to follow social distancing recommendations. What that means is that as people keep showing up to appointments here at the hospital, I’m meeting with them to encourage them to follow the rules.

I’ve put together a tool that has been really helpful. It’s based on the health belief model and motivational interviewing, 2 solidly evidenced paradigms for promoting behavior change. I mostly used the project MATCH materials and this study as a reference.

Consider this worksheet a draft. I’m sharing it widely in the hopes that others will take it and unfudge the numbers that I’ve put on there, or add another motivational component, or god-willing use this to make someone stay home when they otherwise wouldn’t. Word document contains my comments throughout, PDF is clean. Might be violating some copyright in that document somewhere, but I hope not. For my part, I give permission to use, steal, edit, whatever. Hope this helps!

1 thought on “Coronavirus Prevention Worksheet”

  1. Hi Sean,
    This is a great tool that you’re offering in terms of helping people re-evaluate their motivation to being safe for themselves and others during this really interesting situation we’re all in.

    I also just wanted to take the time to say thanks for writing such interesting articles. I saw that your website is close to shutting down, which makes me sad, because as a fellow nerd and aspiring psychologist, you really inspired me on how to bring the two worlds together. The fact that you recognize the mental health issues that come with people who tend to be more introverted and imaginative an be more intense or unique than other demographics is something I have always felt, but could never put words to. The fact that you wrote and researched about this, is pretty awesome.

    Thanks for your hard work. It’s been much appreciated!

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