Are you concerned about the mental health of your workforce? Here are some of the signs that you could benefit from a psychological consultant:

  • Inappropriate use of sick time
  • Toxic employees
  • Unhealthy work culture
  • Loafing or loss of productivity
  • High turnover

I am particularly looking to consult with IT or research based organizations – essentially, the nerdier, the better – but I have experience working with first responder agencies, domestic violence shelters, and healthcare providers as well. You do not have to be a manager or a CEO to engage my services, I am also happy to help rank-and-file employees make proposals to the higher-ups. My services have three phases

Phase I – Data Gathering

Using empirically validated tools for mental health, wellness and organizational functioning, as well as key informant interviews and focus groups, I create a data-driven snapshot of your organization’s needs and strengths to inform my recommendations.

Phase II – Recommendations

Using the data gathered from your organization, the relevant literature and my expertise and experience, I create a tailored list of recommendations. These recommendations may include policy changes, new programs, or specialized training for your staff. I review these recommendations with you and others from your organization. I believe this process works best when my expertise in the data and the literature is combined with your expertise in your own organization.

Phase III – Implementation

Once we have created a tailored plan for your specific needs, I will help you enact these changes within your organization. I am available to provide in-person or remote trainings, and I can provide the hands-on experience with behavior change that can ensure that whatever steps we take will be adopted and appreciated by your workforce.

If you are interested in my organizational consultation services, head over to the contact page and get in touch with me. I will respond to all queries within 2 business days.